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A message from our General Manager

I am proud of New Zealand’s health service. Advancing medical technology, sophisticated systems and reliable funding contribute greatly to it, however it’s the many thousands of souls committed to helping others that really make it work. Onelink is privileged to be able to support those people through the delivery of world class health supply chains.

We have been in partnership with the health sector for more than 20 years under the brands Health Support Limited and ProPharma Hospital. During 2012 we brought the best of those organisations together to become Onelink. This evolution helped us clarify our core values - empathy, knowledge and proactivity. We call the combination of these three elements our Health Intelligence.

Our purpose is to deliver healthcare supply chain solutions that are robust and highperforming and we do that by using the best technology, systems and people. That leaves those at the frontline able to focus on delivering healthcare. We process more than 2.5 million lines a year, hold more than $23M of inventory, employ over 130 staff and have a catalogue of almost 22,000 medical and pharmaceutical consumables. Our fill rates exceed 98% and we are New Zealand’s leading source of Section 29 pharmaceuticals

Delivering healthcare in the future will require innovative solutions, collaboration, investment and commitment. With a backdrop of increasing costs, demand and complexity, our challenge is significant. Onelink is dedicated and resourced to contribute to this new world by delivering transformational change in the supply chain; change that will unlock new savings and improve quality. And, while we work to deliver innovation and value, we will not lose sight of our daily commitments. Commitments to all of our customers and ultimately their customers, the patients.

Onelink - New Zealand’s health supply chain partner.

Grant Blackler

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Our Journey

Onelink embrace change and the challenges and rewards this brings. We are proudly New Zealand owned and have a strong history of changing with the NZ healthcare market. We can trace our lineage back over 100 years, to the Auckland Hospital Board Store of the 1960’s and HS Stevens in Christchurch from the 1885’s. We are proud of where we have come from and of the exciting opportunities that exist ahead in working with the DHB’s throughout New Zealand.

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Our People

The Onelink team is a diverse mix of talented people of various ages, cultures and ethnic backgrounds. The Can Do Will Do attitude of all staff is what pulls us together and what drives us in all our dealings with each other and our customers.

The key message for all Onelink employees is:
"Because you work at Onelink, you are a person of integrity, part of a team with a common cause, who finds solutions to problems. You are prepared to get stuck in and go the extra mile and take ownership of your actions. This behaviour creates a business our clients and staff are proud to be associated with."

Our Staff Statistics

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Health Intelligence is the core of Onelink’s culture and a potent mixture of three things:

Empathy This helps our people to see through the eyes of customers and patients, so that we feel personally responsible for our speed, care and accuracy. It connects us to the human beings at the end of the supply chain

Proactivity It is one part energy and one part ingenuity, it helps us to recognise opportunities, anticipate problems and take the lead to make things happen. Being two steps ahead of any issues creates better outcomes for patients.

Knowledge A combination of information, skills and experience. It is a powerful tool because it keeps us efficient, because we know where to find things, who to use and how to get around obstacles.

Health Intelligence is how we carry out our roles so effectively, it allows us to run our business more efficiently and contributes to better patient outcomes. Onelink embraces change and combining our institutional knowledge with a “Can Do” attitude are fundamental principles for all staff.